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Where have all the branches gone? BBC analysis finds nearly 6,000 local banks have closed since 2010. Source: BBC Sussex
THAT mental health services failed patient Matthew Daley is in itself a tragedy. Source: The Argus
THE eldest is home from her school trip. Some of her class came off the bus and cried as soon as they saw their mums. Mine dropped her suitcase at my feet and began walking home. Source: The Argus
A FATHER left to head home half naked after his clothes were stolen during a charity swim is prepared for another challenge in his new “shiny gold Speedos”. Source: The Argus
A SCIENCE festival invades the city for half term. Source: The Argus
HALLOWEEN festivities will start on board a historic seaside train. Source: The Argus
VIOLENCE, stalking, theft, robberies, sexual crimes and vehicle offences are all on the rise in Sussex. Source: The Argus
ONE of the city’s most well-established charities commemorated its 50th anniversary in style with a rides on the i360. Source: The Argus
AIRPORT campaigners have slammed plans to use Gatwick’s emergency runway for regular flights. Source: The Argus
ARE you stuck for what to do when the children are off school for half term? Source: The Argus
JUDY Murray, mother of Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, is backing a campaign to save a tennis club. Source: The Argus
Concorde 2, Brighton, Saturday, October 20 Source: The Argus
THE best and worst performing state schools in Brighton and Hove based on GCSE results have been revealed. Source: The Argus
DETERMINED residents are fighting plans for blocks of flats they say are far too big. Source: The Argus
A MICRO pub is so good its owners say they are losing regulars who are inspired to become owners themselves rather than customers. Source: The Argus
I WRITE with regard to the article on page 18 of Wednesday’s Argus about the residents criticising the council over city centre plans. Source: The Argus